- Model Ultra360 - Ultimate Calving and Lambing Camera


This is the ultimate calving and lambing camera available. Best mounted high in the roof of a large open plan shed, the camera lens can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically within it's protective glass dome. There is also a 12X optical zoom, similar to that found on an SLR camera, letting you zoom in up to 12x and keep the same level of detail. This means you can capture the same level of detail whether a cow or lamb is 10' away or 120' away.

To get the best out of this camera, it needs to be positioned as high as possible in the centre of the shed. If mounted 6m high, you can easily cover an area 35 x 35 metres (120' x 120') in superb detail. A common practice is to place this camera high in the roof of a lambing shed, to keep an eye on the whole shed, and place a couple of Standard AgriCameras looking at individual lambing pens, so you can always keep an instant eye on them.

It comes in two versions, IP51 and IP66. The IP51 version is 'sprinkler' proof, meaning that it can withstand the damp conditions in a barn. The IP66 version is fully waterproof allowing it to be placed in open doorways or even outside!

The first image shows the Ultra360 in its normal position. The second image shows it fully zoomed in, focusing clearly on a cow's ear tag which is over 25m away!

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