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- Model 1070 - Harvester Combine



Technical Specifications Of Combine: Make: TATA 497 SP, No. of Cylinders: 4, Power: 60 HP, Cooling System: Water Cooled. CUTTER BAR Cutting Width: 2100 mm, Height Adjustment: Hydraulic, Lift Height: 900 mm from ground. REEL Drive: Chain Drive, Height Adjustment: Hydraulic. THRESHING EQUIPMENT Drum Diameter: 450 mm, Threshing Section Width: 575 mm, Separating Section Width: 1225 mm, Rotor Speed: 500-1275 rpm, Speed Adjustment: Mechanical. RICE CONCAVE Position of Lever in Quadrant: 5th hole from back, Concave to Threshing Drum Clearance: 13 mm at Entrance, 6 mm at Exit. CLEANING Type: Forced Air Cleaning Fan. STEERING Type: Hydraulic. CAPACITY Fuel Tank: 105 Ltrs., Grain Tank: 700 Kgs. of Paddy, Hyd. Tank: 25 Ltrs. TRACK Type: Rubber Reinforced, Make: Bridgestone. SPEED RANGE Spped: 0-10 km/h. DIMENSIONS Length: 5800 mm, Width: 2515 mm, Height: 3030 mm, Ground Clearance: 410 mm, Weight: 4550 Kgs.

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