- Model 200 - Hay Probe Fortester



The hay probe Fortester 200 is an instrument to test the moisture percentage of the hay bales before and after drying. The hay tester Fortester 200 can help avoid spontaneous cumbustion dangers during the hay drying process in the event the hay bales were not dried with the COMPACT Hay Dryer. Thanks to Fortester 200,  the consumer can accurately identify the moisture content of the hay bales being sold or purchased. Advantages of the Fortester 200: This hay probe is very simple to use thanks to the anatomical handle which can be operated with only one hand. There are no cables between sensor and the probe and the big LCD display shows all necessary information. The probe can save up to 50 readings and provides the mathematical average of several hay probe tests.The key 'HOLD' is the function to stop testing.

  • Moisture measurement range: from 0 to 75%
  • Temperature measurement range: from 0 to 110C°
  • Feed: 9 V battery Display: LCD display alphanumeric 16x2 digits
  • Measurement memories: N.50 U.% - C°
  • Languages: italian, english, german, french
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Size: L 55 cm

 The hay probe is made of zinc–plated steel. There is an automatic indicator if the battery is low. Official homologation Certification according to CE regulation

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