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- Model 56 - Compact Hay Dryer for Round/Square Bales - Biogas


This COMPACT HAY DRYER with air recirculation dries both 56 round/square bales of forage. The plant in metallic construction is arranged in 4 rows and can be loaded and unloaded by a telescopics from both sides. This COMPACT model's fan works with an electric motor. This COMPACT model uses the hot water from the cogeneration of the BIOGAS plant and it enters the COMPACT at 80° C (176° F). The hot water passes through 2 radiators inside the COMPACT. Supporting the 2 radiators, the COMPACT is equipped with a combustion chamber in case the BIOGAS plant does not supply the necessary thermal energy to the drying process.

The large sliding doors (5 m each) allow a big space for loading and unloading and therefore facilitate and accelerate the whole loading/unloading operation for the workers in a safe work environment.

The roof of the drying zone is formed of corrugated steel sheets which are pre-painted with dark brown color. Further more there are 4 skylights in polycarbonate for a better radiation and illumination of the drying zone.

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