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- Self Blocking Mattress with Sand Cow Tradition



In the tradition of AGRICOW, the self blocking mattress for bed used with sand COW TRADITION is the result of studies and field experiences conducted over the years with the collaboration of expert farmers. It is a rubber-cell structure that allows the use of sand on a cubicle with no problems leakage or depressions caused by natural digging activity of animals. Full of sand it became a uniform base of inorganic material, chemically inert, soft and dry. It is inalterable from physical and chemical point of view. It avoids formation of hollow due to the animals, so the bunk results comfortable and clean.

Prevents the formation of holes and depressions, makes the cubicles more comfortable and hygienic.

AGRICOW Cow Tradition avoid problems of sand leakage from the bunk. You can keep the bunk with sand, straw and sawdust. Reduction to the minimum of restoration interventions with consequent discount on maintenance costs.

The cell structure prevents the escape of sand about 70% less than traditional cubicle.

The AGRICOW Cow Tradition is cheap and easy to be installed, suitable for all bunks and can be fixed simply with dowels to the floor.

Rubber in the rear shelf, optional, allows the animal with an approach to the cubicle more balanced and easier cleaning.

The AGRICOW Cow Tradition:

  • Is a product with high quality
  • Can be walked on, is impact-resistant, maintains an elastic memory and strain under sustained loads
  • Is resistant to insects and microbes
  • Does not accumulate static charge and prevent the interaction between materials
  • Is highly resistant to acids, it rots and its characteristics remain unchanged over time
  • It's 100% recyclable

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