Agricultural Bucket Elevator



Nordstrong's agricultural bucket elevators offer more features and benefits than any other similar product available in today's market. Many of our standard legs incorporate the same design elements that are found in our high capacity “terminal duty” elevators. From 10 tonne/hour to 2,000 tonne/hour let our expertise and manufacturing know how work for you.

  • Centrifugal Discharge Heads are designed to obtain clean discharge.  Features include:
  • Ball or roller bearing pillow blocks
  • Adjustable bearing pedestals
  • Weather tight inspection doors
  • High strength steel shafts
  • Adjustable throat baffle
  • Ruggedly constructed with optional replaceable A.R. (abrasion resistant) steel, U.H.M.W., urethane, or ceramic liners.  Liners are standard on models 30, 36, 42 and 48 series
  • Split hood with shaft seals
  • Crown faced double disc drum pulley with vulcanized rubber or replaceable slide lagging
  • Pressure relief door in hood - optional
  • Bolt-on catcher bar assembly – optional

Standard or customer specified drive packages are available for all models.
  • Shaft mount with belt drive
  • Shaft mount - direct coupled motor
  • Right angle or parallel gear reducer, hollow shaft mounted or solid shaft direct coupled to head shaft.

Heavy gauge reinforced bolted construction provides extra-strong structural base for unit.
  • Externally mounted flange or optional pillow block bearings
  • Corrosion resistant ACME thread screw take-up (optional gravity take-up) with U.H.M.W. guides and seals
  • Weather tight inspection doors
  • Bolted access panels
  • Standard boot inlet
  • Crown faced double disc drum pulley

Nordstrong’s unique trunking design provides superior protection from dust and weather.
  • Heavy gauge construction to suit any application
  • Jig welded with continuous seams and structural angle iron flanges
  • Standard 10’ -0” (3.05m) lengths
  • Horizontal tie angles
  • Reinforced inspection section shown with oversized hinged and bolted access doors - front and back
  • Optional down leg inspection section - standard on some models

Heavy-duty rubber belt engineered to correct strength (P.I.W.) requirements.  A complete range of bucket types available to suit any application.
Optional Features
  • specialized models
  • Fertilizer
  • Seed handling
  • Slow speed
  • Continuous discharge
  • construction options
  • Stainless steel
  • Special paints
  • ladders and platforms
  • Service platforms
  • Distributor platforms
  • Step off and rest platforms
  • Fully caged ladders
  • Pressure relief vents (To N.F.P.A. 61)
  • Belt alignment and speed monitors
  • Plug switches 

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