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Agricultural Roller Chain Sprockets



Black Ace Agricultural Roller Chain Sprockets are manufactured with the highest integrity. You will realize value as these sprockets are flame-cut and machined with the highest precision available on the market.

ANSI Standard Torch Profiles – Engineered to promote the best life of your sprockets and chain.

Styles Available

  • A Type (no hub) typically used in weld-on applications.
  • B Type (hub on one side) – Used in applications where clearance width is narrow. Typically have two (2) setscrews on the hub to fasten the sprocket to shaft and keyway.
  • Split Style Construction – Once you use a Split Sprocket, you may never want to use a setscrew mount style again. Removal or installation is a breeze. Can be used in virtually all applications. An additional benefit to Black Ace’s split sprockets is that the shaft/keyway security is much tighter than a typical setscrew mount.
  • Split Style Narrow Width – Enjoy the benefits of split style construction and keep the total sprocket width only slightly wider than the sprocket tooth thickness.
  • Hex Bore Split Style – Used in equipment that uses hexagon shafts.
  • Idler Style – Assembled with a long-lasting Black Ace Ball Bearing.

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