Rozzi SpA

Forks and Beet Grabs


The forks are hydraulically operated and specifically designed for the handling of waste wood, hay, straw, manure, grass, garden waste, agricultural waste and industrial waste.  The grabs consist of two synchronized tines operated by one or two hydraulic cylinders. The grabs are fitted with heavy duty teeth manufactured from hard wearing steel to ensure long life, penetration and the holding of the materials. The beet grabs can be used by trucks, cranes, excavators and loaders.

They are composed of a central body with two hinged tines whose shape and construction allow the load to be gripped while allowing earth and stones to remain on the ground.

The CSL range is specially designed for the handling of wood chips used in the recycling and processing of waste wood. Robustness, reliability, high performance and durability are guaranteed by the use of special steels and successful design. Forks and beets grabs can be fitted with hydraulic rotators.

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