- CFLOW Dryer Controller


The Bullseye CFlow Dryer Controller uses a combination of grain temperature sensors and a grain moisture sensor to automatically control your dryer to dry your grain to the desired moisture content. The auto adjust feature automatically adjusts the set point for the grain temperature sensors to control the moisture at the discharge.

AgriDry’s Bullseye Dryer Controller consists of up to 24 grain temperature sensors and averages the readings to manage the dryer. Using multiple sensors avoids variable grain moisture output caused by the following variables:

  • Fines gathering under the spout line
  • Uneven grain moisture in the dryer
  • Uneven airflow from the fans
  • Wind direction against the outside of the dryer

Uniform Moisture is Key!

The Bullseye will average up to 24 grain temperatures in the dryer as the grain is drying and blend at the discharge producing more uniform moisture coming out of the dryer.

Avoid Hazards!

  • Grain Temp Avg Low Temp Time out! (The grain temperatures in the drying column did not achieve the DISCHG TEMP in (HTR TIMEOUT Setting) minutes)
  • Plenum Temperature Hi Limit Exceeded! (PLENUM TEMP exceeds PLENUM LIMIT)
  • Auto Adjustment Temp out of Range! (Unable to auto adjust DISCHG TEMP to correct TGT DISCH GM)
  • HTR CONTROL: Shuts Dryer Down if Grain Temps Get Too High. Possibly avoiding dryer fires.

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