- Gravity Grain Spreader


The AgriDry Gravity Grain Spreader is the only spreader that will spread the fines of the grain without compromising quality. Our spreader is gentle on the grain. Uniformly distribute fines with the AgriDry Spreader to eliminate coring so you can store and sell all the grain you buy.

The AgriDry grain spreader distributes fines. This has cost savings benefits by reducing the time and money it takes to core the center of a bin. It will also create a better environment for the grain during storage. With even distribution of fines, your fans will be able to reach all of the grain, improving fan efficiency and increasing the time you can store your grain which helps when markets are low.

In summary the key benefits are:

  • Uniform Distribution of Fines
  • Eliminate coring, crusting, bridging
  • No need to Blend
  • Uniform Airflow
  • Promote Zero Bin Entry
  • Reduce the risk of hot spots

Low or Variable Fill Rates: The standard spreader and standard spreader hopper is used for a single fill rate faster than 1500bph. For variable fill rates and fill rates less than 1500 bph we add a tivar hopper insert accessory and filler clips to the spreader to further constrict the grain so it hits the center of the spreader and flows down the chutes in slow fill applications.

Loading Hot or Wet Grain: When filling a bin with hot or wet grain, the grain does not disperse to the side wall of the bin through the standard spreader. To help level the grain to the eave, extension chutes are available for hot or wet grain fill applications.

High Volume Variable Fill Rates: We offer a spreader that will work for high volume application with variable fill rates coming out of a dryer. The 16-2-12000 spreader has 16 chutes instead of 8 chutes to better meet the needs of such an application.

The spreader packages include:

  • All Chutes and assembly nuts and bolts
  • Hopper, leveling band, cone, spider, j-hooks, center shaft assembled
  • All assemble nuts and bolts included
  • Eyebolt kit included

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