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Agrifac Condor selfpropelled sprayer with extra large ground clearance, 200 cm!Caring for special crops often requires special solutions. Solutions for which Agrifac can provide the right equipment. We have many years of experience primarily as a specialist in the most varied spray technologies, and years of experience are applied for your benefit in order to take that one extra-step ahead of the competition.

The ground clearance can be set steplessly between 140 and 200 cm with the optimal ground clearance to be set for each crop. Just like its family, the new Condor ClearancePlus also features the unique StabiloPlus chassis. This chassis effortlessly compensates for every bump it encounters, resulting in an extremely stable and very comfortable sprayer, both on the road and in the field. A great benefit for the stability of the spray booms, both horizontal and vertical. The spray booms can be adjusted to a height up to 345 cm. Just like the StabiloPlus chassis on other machines, the track width can be set steplessly, from 190 to 265 cm in case of the Condor ClearancePlus. For use of the Condor with wider track widths there is also a ClearancePlus chassis which can have its width adjusted from 225 to 300 cm. For road transport, the StabiloPlus chassis can be quickly and easily lowered. With a low centre of gravity and standard machine height, you travel safely from field to field!

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