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AgriLamp™ 9W Dimmable bulb with a polycarbonate standard lens provides ambient level of light while using only 9W of power. Equivalent to 50W/60W incandescent this can be used as a retrofit replacement to existing incandescent or CFL lamps for applications requiring higher light output.

AgriLamp™ 9W bulbs deliver a dimmable, evenly distributed light, specifically created to provide the correct wavelength and intensity for open floor broiler rearing, enriched systems up to 5 units high and for alternative systems.  AgriLamp™ 9W bulbs have robust polycarbonate lenses providing a ‘no glass’ solution to the food industry. This is suitable for use with generators, emergency battery systems and are also suited for use in mobile poultry houses where power is an issue.

The light spectrum that is emitted by the bulb has been customised to match the visible spectrum of poultry. As poultry see differently to humans it is vital that the lighting takes this into account. This change in light has been seen to reduce stress and waste in the flock as well as improve FCRs. For more information about this, please see: The Science of Light

The  AgriLamp™ 9W Standard comes in both ES (E26/E27) and BC (B22) fittings. This light bulb is designed for both new installations and retrofit replacements.

  • Light Source : 1x9W High Power LED
  • Optics : Optical grade milky white tulip or standard polycarbonate lens
  • Beam Angle : 120° Standard or 150° Tulip Lens
  • Base Types : Edison Screw (E26 / E27) or Bayonet Cap (B22)
  • Weight : 112 ± 2g
  • Rated Life : 35,000 Hours or more

  • Ambient Temperature : -20°C to 40°C
  • Humidity Range : 0 to 95% humidity (non-condensing)

  • Input Voltage : 230V 50Hz AC and 110V 60Hz AC
  • Power Consumption : 9W
  • Luminaire Efficacy : 54.33 lm/W
  • Power Factor : >0.95

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