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- Dusk Till Dawn Lighting Processor Controller (DTD)



The DTD (Dusk till Dawn) Lighting Processor Control is a versatile simple to use unit, fitted with its own internal time clock, eliminating the need for a separate time clock and the ability to set a real time lighting pattern. The unit is primarily designed to work with ALIS.

  • Lighting pattern works in real time with the age of the livestock.
  • Independent ramping up time / ramping down time.
  • Lighting Boost Facility to over ride the lighting intensity for a preset duration.
  • Two independent lighting controls for split lighting system A & B Control.
  • Simple Mode Setting Switches for single channel or two channel operation and enhanced lighting pattern.
  • Alarm output for lighting control power supply failure.
  • Smooth dimming effect.

  • Power Supply: 85vac–250vac 50/60Hz.
  • Input: 12vdc UPS Power Supply.
  • Lighting Control Output: 0-10v signal.

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