- Monochromatic Red Light



Agriled Red is an enhancement of the proven Agrilight concept of a 400 watt or 250 watt fixture, and has been specially developed for use in cattle housing. In addition to a 250 watt or a 400 watt gas discharge lamp, which distributes the light very uniformly due to the patented reflector technology, this light also incorporates 6 red LEDs.

These six red LEDs give a monochromatic red light which can be used as night lighting. Cattle do not perceive the red light because it is outside their visible spectrum. As a result, they are not disturbed when the red light is switched on while they are resting at night, but you still have enough light to do your rounds. The inclusion of night lighting in this fixture means that it is no longer necessary to install two separate fixtures. This brings considerable savings in terms of time and installation costs.

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