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Model AGRIMIX-L - Fertigation Unit



The  fertigation system AGRIMIX-L allows the automatic mixing  from 2 (AGRIMIX-L2) to 6 (AGRIMIX-L6) mother solutions (A, B, C, D, E and F)  and an acid solution for pH control, to form and distribute to the crop the desired fertilizing solution.

The mixing is IN-PRESSURE, which means it works injecting A, B, C,..,F in a  pressurized mixing tank, according to the recipe programmed by the user, that is in function of the relative parts of A, B, C,…, F and the electrical conductivity (EC) of the final solution.

The  AGRIMIX-L can have 16 (AGRIMIX-L/16) or 32 (AGRIMIX-L/32) or 48 (AGRIMIX-L/48) outputs  for  Irrigation/Fertigation Valves. The electrovalves can be grouped in 32 programs, or sequences, of 16 groups of  valves. Each group can contain from 1 to 6 valves.

The composition of the groups of valves in a program is free: you can choose the valves among all those that are connected to the Agrimix-L.

An Irrigation Program can be activated in different ways :

  • at 5 different daily times;
  • cyclically with a constant programmable pause and a programmable number of activations;
  • cyclically, with variable pause between activations, in function of a solar radiation counter (solar integrator, see later);
  • by closing a contact by an external equipment, for example a X-WET-FDR controller.

The AGRIMIX-L is delivered complete of EC, Ph and light sensors and the solar  integrator are included in the standard unit. Optionally the System can be delivered with double EC and pH sensors: if the difference in the measurements made by the two sensors is higher than a programmable value, after a programmable time, the irrigation program proceeds distributing only clear water.

Up to 16 AGRIMIX-L can be connected to a Supervision PC, from which all the fertigation unit can be controlled and programmed.

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