Agripul Agricultural Machinery Co

- Model AP-402 - Universal Grain and Pulse Seed Drill



Universal grain and pulse seed drill is a suspensory type, easy to operate sowing machine that drops grains (wheat, barley, oat etc), coarse seeds (pumpkin, beans, corn etc), medium size seeds (canola, sesame, bird seed, flax etc) ve small grained seeds (onion, carrot, clover etc) into the seed beds generated by the triserial spring tines with the desired quantity sensitively thanks to the adjustable and variable-speed transmission.

Thanks to its special transmission, seed gear wheels can even turn on very slow speeds and seeds can be sowed properly. Distributer mechanisms are made of plastic material which is resistant to abrasion, corrosion and breaking.

The hopper structure prevents the seed and fertilizer from mixing, it is also easy to clean thanks to the discharge levers on every hopper and it allows the sowing of seed and fertilizer into the requested depth. It can perform triserial line sowing while its spring tines are splitting the soil with snake tongue ploughshare. There is a harrow mechanism on every sowing machine for leveling the soil penetrated by the tines and covering over the seed.

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