Agripul Agricultural Machinery Co

- Model AP-5005 - Thresher Machine



Multi Purpose Thresher Machine by changing a few pulleys, band and sifter you can harvest the wheat, rye,gruel and barley and also pea, sorghum, lentil, fig, bean and cummin agriculture products and so forth. The required move transmisiion for these processess is provided by the shaft from the rear metal bar. Another advantange for our machinery is to be able to load the cereal or pulse harvested into bag or trailer through combined making bag system.

  • Total Lenght ; 3850 mm
  • Total Width : 2000 mm
  • Total Height : 2300 mm
  • Feeding Hader : 1200 mm
  • Beater Knives Number : 44 pcs.
  • Tire Size : 600 x 16
  • Weight : 1450 kg
  • Beater Cycle : 1200 cycle/min.
  • Working Capacity : 2000kg/hour

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