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- Model AP-7000 - Ap 205 Rotary Dısc Mower Indexıble



Animal feed which is clean and rich in terms of energy is the main principle of a profitable stock breeding. This mechanism AP 205 - AP 240 Compression-disc pasture and alfalfa mower which is divided into two as disc and compressed disc raises up, with the effect of air flow created by oval-type two-blade discs when they rotate, the plants which are leaned to the ground, and it does not leave uncut crop which in return provides high efficiency. In order to prevent possible damages to be caused by hitting hard and big objects, a safety mechanism is provided. The compressed disc group equalizes drying time of the leaf and stem through squeezing out the sap of the crop with the help of helical rubber compressing system in order to help the cut crop wither and dry faster. Through taking out crop’s sap without wasting its nutritional value, the machine helps the crop to be collected from the field in a short time without dropping leaves

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