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- Electrical & Tractor Double Auger Feed Mixer



The purpose of the machine is rendering different feed materials into a homogenous mixture and distributing this mixture to the stock in an evenly order. The digestion of the blended feed is rather easier and it is more nutritious. A apparent increase may be obtained in the milk and meat productivity of the stock. The feed that is prepared in the trailer (ration) tends to be much homogenous than the ration, obtained by manual blending. This ensures that the stock consumes it with more appetite. Since the stocks, which consume the feed that is prepared in feed blending trail, would consume the feed with the same rate and same homogenous manner, their milk and meat productivity shall be equal.

The machine runs with both electrical and tractor. The machine chops up the fibered feed materials by its chopping blades. By mixing the fiber based feed material with other types of feed materials through its blending rotors, the machine ensures the homogeneity. Therefore the defecation of the fiber based materials without being fully digested would be prevented. In short, the feed be utilized in a maximum manner.

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