- Model Disc-O-Mulch Gold - Mounted & Trailed Models


Stubble-breaker with independent discs, 3D security system with percussion spring 35, High security SR hubs without lubrification, Optimal disc angles with positive pitch to save power, 2 smaller discs (- 25 mm beam) on the side: left-hand on the front and right-hand on the rear (levelling-out) and orientation kit, Clod breaking board, Hydraulic unlocking system, Ø 610 discs at front, Ø 560 at rear : patented difference of diameter, Standard left-hand deflector, Bars strengthening the frame, Working width 3m – 3.5m – 4m rigid, and 4m – 5m – 6m – 7.5m folding, Transport width corresponds to the working width for rigid models, and 3m for folding models, Reinforced frame, 120 beam, Under frame clearance ˜ 60 cm, Top link coupling no.3 spacing, no.3 pins, Power requirement min./max.: 85 / 300 hp, Weight with cage roller from 2 194 kg up to 2 809 kg for rigid models and 3 673 kg to 7 703 kg for folding models.

  • Capacity to sow precisely with sowing cell : versatility, damping off on a larger surface
  • Maintenance free hubs, totally sealed : no daily maintenance
  • Percussion of the spring spiral against spiral : penetration into hard soils, 20 % less energy required, flat working surface
  • High working speed: exceptional output
  • Board : refining, levelling, flow regulation

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