AGRISEM International S.A.S.

- Model Triosem - Seed Drills



Reinforced frame, 120 x 120 mm. Seeding units positioned in 2 or 3 rows. Distribution of fertilizers under the seed row by the seeding shares. Standard wearing parts equipped with carbide. Frame with 3 beams with or without disc coulters. Spacing between rows: 25 em. Seeding width from 3 to 4 m rigid and 4 to 6 m folding. Power requirement min./max.: 707350 hp. Shear bolt security or spring security. Top link coupling n°3 spacing and n*3 pins. Under frame clearance * 66 cm.

In option;

  • Tractor top link coupling ne2 (rigid models only)
  • Selection of roller
  • Covering harrow in front of the roller
  • Mounting of the hopper OS 580
  • Tramline valves (for eletronic box)
  • Trailed kit with standard or super draw bar
  • Disc coulters with large diameter 0 520

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