- Sheep and Goat Equipment


Sheep Self Service Feeders (L.S.O.): Can be disassembled. Assembled using sliding sleeves. Shipped with 20/10 galvanised trough. Width: 60cm. Height adjustable. Two 34mm diameter bars. Made in 2.5m modules.

  • Sheep panels :
    • Made from 34mm and 20mm diameter tube.
    • Length = 3m and Height = 1.1m.
  • Goat opening separation panels :
    • Made from 42.4mm (frame) and 27mm (bars) diameter tube
    • 75mm between the bars.
    • Four adjustable ends to adapt length and make assembly easier.
    • 1.08m centre distance
  • Feed Racks for sheep, goats and young cattle :
    • Length 2.5m - Width 80cm
    • Height 1.2m.
    • Distance between bars 6cm
    • Field or housing use.
  • Hanging feed racks :
    • Made from 20/27mm diameter tube.
    • 25mm diameter bars.
    • Can be hung from all gate models.
    • Welded rear part and rack.

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