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- Model 130C - Box Rotator


THIS IS AN EXCELLENT MACHINE FOR SMALLER GROWERS, FIRST TIME USERS OR AS A SECOND MACHINE. Using our own unique and simple design, this rotator gives 130° of smooth and controlled rotation. Top and side arms adjustable to fit all box sizes and weights to 2 tonnes. Top arm fitted with lifting eye, bracket to hold hydraulic pipes when not in use and adjustable extension for larger boxes. For smaller or non standard box sizes, we can provide units with shorter/longer pallet forks and arms to suit your requirements.

  • CAPACITY: 2 tonnes
  • UNIT WEIGHT: 540kg
  • CARRIAGE AND BACK PLATE: CLASS 2. Size 1220mm X 470mm. Profiled in one piece for strength from 30mm grade 50D steel plate, precision machined to take Class 2 pallet forks 1200mm long.
  • PIVOT: 130° achieve using 1 double acting hydraulic cylinder and associated fittings, pivoting on a heavy duty solid centre shaft fitted with PB1 full shaft length bushing.
  • BRACKETING: Bolt-on bracketing is included to suit your application.
  • FORKS: 100 x 40 x 1200mm class 2B. Certified which fit onto the end board of a standard 6' x 4' box to prevent box damage.
  • HYDRAULIC FITTINGS: All hose and fittings are included to suit your forklift/loader-certain hydraulic fittings may incur additional costs

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