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- Model 120F - Box Rotator


For those that prefer a forward tip this 120F has no side arms to enable picking from store or stack. Top grab opens to 90 degrees to enable the movement of 2 stacked boxes at a time. Ideal for Blackburn crates and standard boxes (see image in gallery). High visibility 2 ton unit to fit Telehandlers. Manual flow control lid included as standard. 120° controlled and gentle handling + croud of forklift. Simple, fully height & depth adjustable hydraulic top grab fits all box sizes to 2 ton (just 2 pins, no hydraulic cylinder to move).

  • IDEAL for Blackburn crates (see image in gallery).
  • HYDRAULIC FITTINGS: All hose and fittings included to suit your forklift/loader-certain hydraulic fittings may incur additional costs. 
  • FORKS: Certified 100 x 40 x 1200 class 2.
  • BRACKETING: Bolt-on to fit Telehandler only.
  • PIVOT: 120° controlled forwards rotation achieved using 2 double acting hydraulic cylinders each pivots on a 50mm HT pin.
  • CARRIAGE AND BACK PLATE: CLASS 2. Size 1100mm X 407mm . Profiled in one piece for strength from 30mm grade 50D steel plate and machined to take Class 2 pallet forks.
  • UNIT WEIGHT: 550 kgs
  • CAPACITY: 2 tonnes
  • Top grab requires electric supply to operate in addition to a single hydraulic service.

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