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- Contractor Box Rotator


Intended for contractors, large scale growers and processing/packaging plants. This 4 ton capacity unit will fit forklifts or loaders of 2.5 tonnes and over and is fully adjustable to take any box size and is designed to take loads up to 4 tonnes. Top and side arms adjustable to fit all box sizes and weights to 4 tonnes. Total rotation - 200 Degrees, comprising 180 degrees clockwise and 20 degrees anti clockwise rotation (for use on unlevel ground). Top arm fitted with a lifting eye, bracket to hold hydraulic pipes when not in use and adjustable extension for larger box sizes.

  • CAPACITY: 4 tonnes
  • UNIT WEIGHT: 780 kgs
  • CARRIAGE AND BACK PLATE: CLASS 3. Size 1500mm X 505mm. Profiled in one piece for strength from 40mm grade 50D steel plate and machined to take Class 3 pallet forks.
  • PIVOT: 2 x Double acting hydraulic cylinders, associated fittings and radius arm pivoting on a heavy 125mm diameter solid centre shaft fitted with full shaft length PB1 (Bronze) bushing.
  • BRACKETING: Bolt-on bracketing is included to suit your application.
  • FORKS: Certified 100 x 50 x 1200 class 3A.
  • HYDRAULIC FITTINGS: All hose and fittings are included to suit your forklift/loader.

  • Hydraulic clamping lid available on Contractor Box Rotator
  • Requires electric switch in forklift cab for operation
  • P.O.A
  • Hydraulic Clamping Lid

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