- Liquid Nutrient for Effective Starter With Micronutrients (10-30-3)



Agro-Start is a liquid nutrient rich in phosphorus designed for soil application in order to encourage root growth and help the plant resist to stress better. The auxin contained in the Agro-Start formulation stimulates root establishment. Agro-Start supplies phosphorus, potash, boron and zinc in forms that are assimilable for the plant to ensure robust root establishment. Agro-Start provides nitrogen that is quickly made available to support foliar growth. With Agro-Start, the plant establishes itself quicker, therefore favouring a more vigorous foliar development.

  • Ideal for all planted crops. Mix with transplantation water or apply directly on the transplant trays
  • Stimulates cuttings to take root
  • Quick start and regularity in the crop
  • Strengthens resistance against stresses
  • Improves crop yield and quality

Density 1.412 kg/L

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