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AgroBee is a radio system for the fertigation controllers Agrónic 2500 and Agrónic Bit. AgroBee radio modules allow the activation of valves and other irrigation elements, as well as sensors and meters reading, achieving radio coverage up to 800 m or up to 1600 m with repeater, with very low power consumption and in accordance with the universal Zigbee communications protocol, which works at open frequencies of 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz.

It is the best substitute to cable in order to overcome obstacles, extend sectors, read sensors, temporary installations, save on cables, etc., in the fertigation controllers Agrónic 2500 and Agrónic Bit.

AgroBee system has different models, depending on its functions:

  • 2SD-2ED: 2 2-wires latch solenoids (or 1 3-wires) and 2 meters or digital sensors.
  • 2SD-2ED-1EA: 2 2- or 3- wires latch solenoids, 2 meters or digital sensors and 1 4-20mA or 0-20V analog sensor.
  • 8SD-2ED: 8 2-wires latch solenoids (or 4 3-wires) and 2 meters or digital sensors. It can work as a repeater.
  • 9SD-2ED-2EA: 9 2- or 3- wires latch solenoids, 2 meters or digital sensors and 2 4-20mA or 0-20V analog sensors.
  • 6SD-6ED-2EA: 6 2- or 3- wires latch solenoids, 6 meters or digital sensors and 2 4-20mA or 0-20V analog sensors.
  • RPT-External: module with similar functions to RPT, but having external solar panel to be always active.
  • H2O: 3 soil water content sensors “Decagon 10HS” or “Watermark 200SS-V”; plus 1 digital sensor or meter.
  • 3MA: 3 4-20 mA analog sensors (or 2 4-20 mA sensors and 1 0-20V sensor), plus 1 digital sensor or meter.
  • SDI-12: 1 digital input for a maximum of 4 tri-sensors (water content, temperature and EC) type 'Decagon 5TE', 'Decagon GS3', 'Campbell CS650' or 'Stevens Hydraprobe-II', through communications bus SDI-12.
  • 3LV: 1 or 3 level sensors for a range of 0-9 meters, which can be applied in tanks, pools or wells. Measures of distance, level or volume.
  • Dendrometer: one or two sensors for measuring the change in the diameter of the plant stems.
  • Watermark: three analog inputs for “Watermark 200SS” soil water potential sensors.
  • Parshall: one ultrasonic sensor allowing to measure water flow in open channels including 1” to 600” Parshall flumes.

 AgroBee system consists of a coordinator (located on the Agrónic 2500 and Agrónic Bit controllers) and field elements that function as repeaters and terminal devices. The coordinator manages the network and the pathways that the modules follow in order to connect to each other, with all the devices forming a mesh-like network.

Its low energy consumption allows it to operate with alkaline batteries or a solar panel built into the module itself. The two “AA” batteries are able to supply a terminal device which has direct connection to the coordinator, for over two years. The solar panel stores energy in its super-capacitors or batteries, offering a long operating life and wide range of operating temperatures.

The maximum number of modules that one Agrónic 2500 or Agrónic Bit can manage is 16 units.

AgroBee system offers the following features, among others:

  • Free-band operation: 868 MHz (1 channel) and 2.4GHz (16 channels).
  • Network code available, allowing to have several networks in the same area operating at the same channel.
  • Communication cadence set by user.
  • Coverage ranges up to 800 m between a final module and its repeater parent (depending on the used band and the orography).
  • Network code, channel and communication cadence are configurable by means of Agrónic 2500 and Agrónic Bit controllers.
  • Battery/Charge level and solar panel (if any) reading.
  • Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) and Link Quality Indicator (LQI) reading.
  • Models are available with different power supply sources depending on their configuration:
    • Module directly linked to AgroBee coordinator: 2 AA-type batteries or solar panel plus super-capacitors, or solar panel plus rechargeable battery.
    • Module linked to a repeater: solar panel plus supercapacitors or rechargeable battery.
    • Repeater module: 1,6/5 W solar panel and rechargeable battery.

With this new telemanagement system, one more time Progrés offers its customers the latest technology.

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