- Model 500 - Gypsum Fertilizer



Calcium is referred to as the king of nutrients. Exclusive to Agro-100, AgroCal500 Gypsum is a practical and economical source of calcium and sulphur that has little or no effect on soil pH. Made up of calcium sulphate, about 100 times more soluble than lime, AgroCal500 Gypsum increases the availability of assimilable calcium and promotes healthier tuber growth, improves resistance to diseases and defects thus generating higher revenues. Following innocuousness and efficacy evaluation by the CFIA, AgroCal500 Gypsum satisfies all the requirements stipulated by the Fertilizers Act and Regulations. (LONO # 2011046NO).

  • Neutral salt with little or no effect on soil pH
  • Very small amount of calcium carbonate
  • Provides calcium in the sulphate form
  • Calcium in the sulphate form which makes it more available to plants
  • Soluble calcium moves deeper in the soil
  • Supplies calcium to the sub-soil horizon
  • Can reduce the amount of free aluminum in the soil thus allowing better root development
  • Contributes to soil flocculation
  • Specifically: potatoes

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