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The safest technology for delivering Goldor Bait in potato-growing.

  • Extremely precise volume delivery in the mg range thanks to a rotary feeder valve
  • Speed-dependent dispensing via 7-pin signal contact or wheel sensor (Accessories)
  • Reversing rotary feeder valve on switch-off or raising of the spreader prevents the granulate from continuing to drip
  • Headland manager (forced switch-off)
  • Simply mounting on a square pipe
  • 12-Volt drive
  • Approved for Goldor Bait by the Julius Kühn Institute
  • Electrical calibration and residual drainage as standard
  • One fishtail distributor on each hose outlet for conveyor belt depositing of the granulate as standard. Mounting of the distributor 7 cm above the ground yields a depositing width for the granulate of 12-15 cm.
  • Hopper volumes available in 12 ltr, 22 ltr or 70 ltr.

Electrical version

For the electrical connection, connect the cable of each added spreader to the multi-pin contact of the spreader that has already been mounted. This version makes setting up the granulate spreader on the laying device easier, since only one cable needs to be routed from the first device to the second. As a result, the electrical version is sold much more frequently than the mechanical one.

Mechanical version

For the mechanical coupling, a gear motor is installed on the first spreader which drives any added spreaders via a drive shaft. When mounting on the laying device, care must be taken to ensure that all granulate spreaders run parallel to each other.

Speed-dependent dispensing and headland manager

When dispensing Goldor Bait, certain specifications must be complied with (see menu item JKI Specifications). These also include speed-dependent dispensing and the headland manager (forced switch-off)
It should be noted in this context that the AgroDos spreader is supplied as standard with the 7-pin cable. Tractors that already have a 7-pin contact do not require any further accessories.

CAUTION: This only applies to tractors that have the following assignment on their 7-pin signal contact:

PIN 2 speed signal
PIN 4 EHR signal (lifting gear signal)
PIN 7 earth

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