- Model 410 G - Tractors 102 HP


The new Agrofarm G tractors are powered by four-cylinder SDF Series 1000 engines which comply with Euro 3A emissions regulations. These engines all feature turbointercooler forced induction and an electronic governor, and are compatible with up to 100% BioDiesel. Designed to meet the highest standards, theextremely comfortable cab features curved glass areas and retractable sun visors to create the perfect working environment. The ergonomic controls and intelligent layout of the operating console ensure comfortable and simple use.

The main goal of any farmer and agricultural contractor is to increase profit margins. Seeing the positive results of your work is an essential factor in continuing to work with enthusiasm. To make this possible, today's farmers have to make major, far-reaching decisions that will directly influence the economic success and future of their farms. These decisions are often decided after time-consuming studies and analyses. It's not always easy to find the right solution. In the end, however, choices based on rational criteria and good common sense will always prove to be the best solution, and are the only way to ensure success in the future. So you can rest assured that making a rational choice from the solutions offered by an established brand such as DEUTZ-FAHR will steer you towards the ideal answer for your specific needs. Substance matters to DEUTZ-FAHR, which produces tractors built to maximise the profits of the customer with technological solutions offering excellent value for money and tailored to cater for the practical needs of the farm. Agrofarm G is the most recent product of this philosophy to offer practical, concrete solutions, which draws from over 80 years of technological supremacy in the agricultural machinery industry. The new Agrofarm G tractor family has been designed specifically for ploughing, secondary tillage, hay-making and general utility work on the farm, and offers advantages unrivalled by any other tractor in the compact mid-size class - remarkable flexibility, low centre of gravity, outstanding manoeuvrability, unobstructed visibility, superior controllability, and maximised efficiency and productivity - at excellent value for money. The Agrofarm G is a multirole tractor boasting equipment conceived for superlative practicality. Powered by reliable, fuel-efficient DEUTZ engines, this tractor is the ideal choice for both full-time and occasional jobs for any farm. With a choice of cab roof configurations on offer making it possible to limit overall height, this tractor is particularly suitable for building openingswith low headroom. Offered with a wide choice of functional transmissions and a professional hydraulic system, the Agrofarm G is a genuine universal tractor with affordable running and maintenance costs.

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