- Model GC 20 & 30 - Frost Guard Machine



The Frostguard was especially developed for fruit growers, grape growers and vegetable growers, to be used in greenhouses, plastic tunnels and small vineyards and orchards. But the FrostGuard is so flexible and easy to use that more and more growers buy it for larger areas. The FrostGuard will fight night frost AND improve your fruit set.

The first FrostGuards were sold in 2007 and for the season 2012, we have  introduced a complete new model. In December 2016, we introduced our latest model of the FrostGuard - the Revolution - , again with a lot of improvements

Originally designed for small areas, the FrostGuard has proven to be ideal to protect very big orchards and vineyards as well. Especially since the machines can be equipped with an Auto-Start System.

The FrostGuard has a gas burner and a powerful fan, driven by petrol engine that runs on propane gas. You just have to start the engine, adjust the temperature and the FrostGuard does the rest. There is gas to last one complete night. The outlet of the fan turns around 360° continuously, protecting an oval or round area. Machines can be spaced out in groups in relation to the shape and area to be protected. Another important advantage of the FrostGuard is that it’s easy to spread the investment over several years: you can start with 1 or 2 machines and buy more during the following years. Therefore, no big initial investment is necessary.

The working principle is, unlike all other frost protection systems, not based on raising the temperature above the critical values but on phase transition. Or in this case by controlling the forming of hoarfrost. Where our machines are used, we notice a significantly lower formation of hoarfrost. We all know that hoarfrost is the biggest enemy for the flowers and buds. But there is a way to use the enemy for protection.

The transformation of vapour into hoarfrost is called desublimation or deposition and liberates a lot of energy. This energy is transferred to its surroundings, in this case the surrounding air but above all into the leaves and flowers themselves. We know that it’s precisely the hoarfrost that normally causes most damages. This is because the ice crystals extract energy and humidity from the flower. Without protection, the layer of hoarfrost will increase and finally cause damages by dehydration and under-cooling.

But not with our system. Because we pass with a hot air stream, every 7 to 10 minutes, part of the ice evaporates (called sublimation) and the remaining ice gets energy from the passing air. The higher the humidity, the more energy that is transferred. After a few minutes, the air cools down again, the relative humidity increases and some new rime will be formed. This liberates again energy and gives again energy to the flowers. This allows us to create an optimal protection with only a fraction of the energy input that is needed by other systems.

  • Better fruit set.
  • The investment can be spread over several years.
  • At very low temperatures, it’s still possible to get a complete protection by putting more machines closer together.
  • After start up, works automatically.
  • Can also be used in greenhouses, plastic tunnels.
  • Ideal for smaller plots but also for bigger plots.
  • Easy to move, mobile, not a fixed installation.
  • Easy to start up, easy to shut down.
  • Multifunctional: can be used almost everywhere, for many applications and crops.
  • Can be equipped with an Auto Start System.

The FrostGuard can be used almost everywhere and for several applications:

  1. For night frost protection in orchards for all kind of fruit, in vineyards, in greenhouses and plastic tunnels, for strawberries, raspberries, flowers, vegetables, apples, pears, peaches, plums etc.
  2. To improve the fruit set in low temperature during blossom.
  3. To raise the temperature in plastic tunnels, to bring forward the first harvest date in the beginning of the season, or to pick later at the end of the season.

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