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Operational ease of use and safety were the guiding principals when designing the ‘SIMPLICITY’. It stands out from other platforms by its simplicity, comfort and quality. It ‘s very easy to operate and it offers you all the basic needs. Its long platform can store three bins. Furthermore, it’s very comfortable thanks to the good sound insulation of the engine, and all this for a very competitive price. The ‘SIMPLICIY’ is the result of 30 years of experience.

  • High quality components.
  • Low price.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Very long lifespan.
  • Very easy to use.
  • The engine is mounted on a double suspension frame and in a sound-insulating casing. Therefore: very low noise level and very few vibrations on the platform.

  • Kubota Diesel Engine  -  3 cylinders  -  21 HP.
  • Traction: hydrostatic on 2 wheels or 4* wheels.
  • Steering: hydraulic power steering of front wheels.
  • Brakes: negative hydraulic brake.
  • Variable speed drive with 2 ranges  (0 to 7.5 km/hour and 0 to 15 km/hour).
  • Inner turning circle: 6m ; outer turning circle: 9.1 m .
  • Double filtering of hydraulic oil.
  • Platform: 1m30 x 4m60.
  • Width of platform adjustable (mechanically or hydraulically*) between 1m30 and 3m30.
  • Long platform (4m60) with space for 3 bins. For easy working, a platform with a length of minimum 4m00 is essential and is much more practical than 2 platforms of 2m.
  • Low platform: the lowest position is 1m03. (Possibility to have higher standard height).
  • Low noise level: motor compartment is equipped with sound insulation.
  • Wooden platform on side: warmer in winter (central part in aluminium).
  • Height of platform mechanically or hydraulically* adjustable (+50 cm).
  • Must be trailed by tractor for road transport.
  • Can be equipped with compressor/pruning equipment*.
  • Roller rails*, adjustable in width.
  • Extra front rollers for empty bin*.
  • Can be equipped with front lift*.
  • High ground clearance (25 cm).

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