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Amarillo Wind Machines are self-contained frost protection systems that are designed to work in virtually any situation where frost endangers crops. We have chosen to sell Amarillo because of the reliability of their machines. The Amarillo Gear Drives are the finest gear drives available on the market. If you are looking for the most comfortable way to protect your crop, this is it! And if you want even more comfort, you can go for the Auto Start Option. Wind machines are ideal to protect larger orchards and fields. However, a good inversion layer is essential and the protected area will be more or less 5 hectares at a temperature of -3°C. In addition to the normal wind machine, we can also offer you a mobile version. This is specially designed for grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, flowers, and other low crops.

During a radiation frost, a wind machine is used to draw down the warmer air in the inversion layer and blow it into the orchard or vineyard. The wind machine needs to blow as much air as it can, to the greatest distance possible.

During the day, the sun heats the earth’s surface. The soil and trees become warmer than the air in contact with them, thus heating the air. At night, the colder air settles next to the ground and the warmer air rises forming the inversion.

Radiant frost occurs when a sudden drop in temperature due to irradiation of the trees and soil causes the surrounding air to cool rapidly. The chilled air settles into the lowest areas in the orchard or growing field causing frost damage.

The earth absorbs heat from the sun during the day and releases it into a colder atmosphere at night. The heat loss is greatest just before dawn and this is usually when the maximum danger of frosts and frost damage occurs.

This release of heat creates an 'inversion layer' of warmer air which can be found from 10-15 metres above the ground.

Wind machines use the warmer 'inversion layer' air to protect a crop from frost damage. The wind machine is angled slightly downwards to pull this inversion layer down to ground level to protect the crop from frost damage.

The main principles involved are:

  1. The removal of heavy cold air to prevent stratification and retard frost formation
  2. Allow warmer inversion layer air in to replace the colder air at crop level
  3. Some friction generated heat as the air moves past foliage to replace the 'skin' of colder ambient air.

Mobile Model

This model is especially designed for grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, flowers and other low crops. It's also ideal to protect smaller orchards.

The advantages:

  1. Not a fixed installation: it can be used everywhere.
  2. Can be used on different crops during the same year/season.
  3. Fast set up.
  4. Easy to transport.

Amarillo Propeller Fan Blades

Fans are balanced in both length and width to eliminate vibration and provide a long life. Amarillo high efficiency aluminium and solid fibreglass fans achieve maximum velocity to thrust ratio, which produces the most possible air volume, with minimal power loss, providing maximum reach and frost coverage. Today, tests show our fans still rank as the finest available.


Central to the reliability of any wind machine is the gear box — this is where Amarillo has the advantage.

Drawing on over 75 years of industry leading gear box engineering and design experience from Amarillo Gear Company, we have developed upper and lower gear boxes that have come to symbolize durability in the wind machine industry worldwide.

Here's why:

  1. Our spiral bevel gears are precision machined from nickel alloy steel, case hardened and lapped as a matched set
  2. All gear tolerances are permanently set during assembly through custom lathe cutting, thereby eliminating problematic shim packs that lead to gear box failure.
  3. Amarillo uses top quality Timken brand tapered roller bearings.
  4. All shafts are manufactured from heat-treated alloy steel.
  5. Double-lip, spring-loaded seals are used on the input and output shafts of both gear boxes.
  6. Our upper gear box has an AGMA mechanical rating of 226hp, and the lower has an AGMA mechanical rating of 193 hp.
  7. Interchangeable by design, Amarillo gear boxes can be used to upgrade most other brands of wind machines


Contour Top Head: the contour head follows the slope of the terrain providing extended, even frost coverage.

Variable Speed Head Rotation Top Head: this head provides increased coverage on long or irregularly shaped blocks compared to the standard top head.


Depending on your requirements and preferences, Amarillo wind machines are available with multiple horsepower outputs in propane or diesel.

The portable model is equipped with Chevrolet V8 5,7L engine of 129 HP that runs on LPG.

The fixed models can be delivered with:

1. Ford V10 6,8L LPG engine of 205 HP

2. Iveco Diesel 6,7LTD3 engine of 173 HP

Auto Start Option

All fixed models can be delivered with the Auto Start Option.

This system automatically starts and stops the engine with the use of a remote temperature probe. Because it automatically shuts down the engine when the temperature is high enough, it saves on fuel. So the extra investment not only pays back in time, it certainly makes you sleep better.

It will also shut down the engine during a malfunction.

Operation of the fan drive train is with a centrifugal clutch for smooth transmission of power.

Our wind machines can be used to protect:

  • all kind of fruits in orchards
  • vineyards
  • vegetables

Our highlights:

  • Extremely reliable.
  • Stationary and portable configurations available.
  • Easy to maintain, and very low cost of ownership.
  • Advanced features such as temperature triggered auto-start, runtime management and shutdown.
  • Balanced drive lines allow for minimal vibration in the transmission of power through the tower.
  • Our fans have been engineered for maximum efficiency, and our superior blade materials will maintain a consistent pitch over the life of the fan.
  • Multiple tower, gear box, and rotation options are available to accommodate unusual terrain/conditions.

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