- Automatic Poultry Weighing System



Agromax automatic poultry weighing system model APWS in your poultry house provides a clear and continuous view on the growth of your birds. It electronically weighs, records and performs the statistic calculation of your birds weights. It gives close track of the growth to provide the poultry grower with advanced management tools to control and improve the birds' performance. Weighing computer and 2 weighing scales. The system can be operated very easily. It consists of a computer - installed normally in house service room - and from 1 or 2 weighing scales that can be used independently 1 or 2 houses. The results are displayed for each house/scale.


The weighing scale is installed by hanging to the house ceiling. It can be easily disconnected during house cleaning, and can be connected to the weighing computer by a 3 wire cable.

The computer will record and display:

  • Average weight
  • Number of weights
  • Daily gain / Standard deviation
  • C.V. / Uniformity
  • Growth day (age)
  • Separate male / female weights
  • Data collection for 500 days

With the APWS you can see at a glance whether the planned target weight agrees with the actual bird weight in any house, so you can quickly detect growth rate fluctuation and quickly find a response to a problem in the farm.


The APWS may be used as a stand alone unit, so it is not necessary to be connected to a PC. The

most important measurements and calculations will remain retrievable for up to 500 days.

With the automatic bird weighing system you get:

  • earlier warning of illness (birds don't grow anymore or the number of weighings is decreasing strongly)
  • at any moment an actual weight of the birds, the growth over the last 24 hours, the uniformity of the flock, standard deviation, variation coefficient, difference relative to the norm curve
  • quick control of the quality of a new batch of feed
  • the number of weighings (tells something about the activity of the birds)
  • saving of manual weighing labour costs

APWS connected to a PC

When using Agromax Communication program, all linked controllers can communicate with a PC. This PC can gather all information of all controllers. This information can then be displayed in tables and/or graphs for analysis. Also all settings and readouts of all controllers can be monitored

and changed from the PC. It is even possible for the PC to communicate with the controllers by telephone using modems.

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