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Agronic Oy

- Model PDH-10 - Silage Additive Pump



PDH-10 additive pump is meant for pumping and dosing commonly used silage additives needed in various cases of agricultural production. Pump is capable of delivering 10 l/min (2,6 bars). PDH-10 dosager is developed in co-operation with demanding farm contractors. Our goal is to manufacture efficient, accurate, durable and reliable dosing pump. Dosers enclosure is made of stainless steel (A4/316). Nozzles and clamps are made of same durable material. Dosager pump and pipes are conn ected with fasteners so whenever needed, it is easy to move pump to another harvesting machine. First class accuracy and usability. Dosager supply voltage can be taken directly from electronic system. Then baler takes care of starting and stopping the pump. Intelligent control electronic regulates flow to a certain constant level. A change in supply voltage, suction/pumping height or fluid level in the tank does not affect the total delivery.

Monitoring system
Controller drives the pump at higher speed to remove air from pipes after additive canister is replaced with a new one. Pipes are filled with a fluid and accurate spreading starts immediately. Controller warns the driver by alarm signal if measured flow does not reach set value. Most likely this is caused by litter in pipes or too small nozzles. Controller stops the pump automatically when additive canister becomes empty.

Optional flat-spray nozzle kit is made of stainless steel.

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