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Agronic slurry tankers are made for professional users. Thanks to the unique chassis and tank design the centre of gravity is very low.This make the machine very stable when spreading on hilly ground. Ground clearance is still 40 cm (15.75”)..Placing the tank in front of the axles ensures that there is always sufficient weight on the drawbar. The width of the tanker is only 274 cm (9ft) with 700 mm tyres and a standard tandem axle. Transport on narrow roads is not a problem.

Centre- mounted pump boom

The Agronic pump boom provides fast and efficient loading of the tank. The boom is located on the centre of the drawbar, so you can fill the tank from both sides. The tank is filler from the bottom so frothing is kept to a minimum. The pump, which is hydraulic drive and mounted at the end of the boom, has four shredding knives. The whole boom is galvanised. The boom gives good reach.

Side- mounted pump boom

The AGRONIC side-mounted pump boom is an affordable and quick way to achieve clean filling of your tanker. Loading is driven by a hydraulic chopper pump through a 168 mm hose.The capacity is up to 5500 l/min and oil draw is 50 l/min.

Disc injection Agronic disc injectors helps to get maximum benefit from the slurry. Injecting also normally has a longer season than conventional spreading with less losses and less smell. Depth of injection is 30-50mm (1.2 – 2 in). Working width 8 m (26ft 3in) with 40 individually suspended discs. The distributor is made by special corrosive resistant steel and id equipped with two material choppers. The diameter of the hoses is 50 mm (2”) giving a very ample capacity 5 m3/minute. Hose spreader

The Agronic hose spreader has forty 50 mm hoses, and the same distributor as the disc injector. The working width is 12 m (39ft 4in) or 16 m (52ft 6in).

The booms are articulated and fitted with springs for easy folding. Breakaway is provided both horizontally and vertically. The booms are galvanised.

Slurry rate computer and joystick control

AGRONIC tankers can be equipped with a high-quality Finnish-made electronic control system. The control system is based on the CAN bus, which makes the cabling in the trailer very simple. The control system is also easy to expand..

Crab steering

 Both axles are steered via the suspended axle. With the crab steering system, the tanker can be steered to follow its own track on either side of the tractor's tracks, decreasing soil compaction and the risk of becoming stuck.With crab steering, the tanker can be driven sideways in headlands, the tractor kept further from ditches etc. The axles may be locked for on-road driving. The front and rear axles can be kept steered, if desired. 

 A third axle with hydraulic suspension

 The 17 m3 and 20 m3 Agronic tankers can be equipped with a third axle.The third axle combines the extended movements of a tandem axle bogie and the stability of a hydraulic suspension system. The weight on the third axle is 5000 kg. This decreases axle loads, which means that even the 20 m3 tanker has axle loads under 10,000 kg. Even the full tanker is road legal on public roads. The third axle has hydraulic suspension, brakes, steering and can be raised. The pressing force has step-less adjustment. Due to the bogie being located further towards the rear than usual, the tanker drawbar weight is adequate even when the tank is empty and the front axle is up. Rolling resistance and fuel consumption are also reduced.

Axles and wheels

Axles can be either standard bogie without steering or, steering axles with suspension.

Environmentally friendly Nokian ELS flotation tyres are used. These give excellent floatation and load bearing characteristics even in soft conditions due to their large foot print. They are also excellent for high speed transportation. Their tread pattern minimizes the amount of soil, which sticks to the tyre.

The maximum permitted speed of tyres is 65 km/h (40 mph).

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