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- Model MR 810 - Small Maize Baler Wrapper



The AGRONIC MR 810 is a small maize balerwrapper combination with high capacity for making round bales of maize, sugar beetpulp, chopped grass and straw and other fibre products. The round bales with a size of 85x85cm are ideal for horseowners and small farmers. The baleweight will vary from 350kg in fresh maize till 450kg in old silomaize depending on the dry matter. Bales of maize or any other product product is an easy commodity to handle and transport. High investments in expensive silos are not necessary.

The AGRONIC MR 810 will do between 40-50 bales per hour. It requires low horsepower, so it can be operated by a tractor low as 70 horsepower.

The AGRONIC MR 810 can be totally operated through a CAN-bus monitor and controls the whole wrapping sequence.

The baler can also be equiped with with an auger system in the bunker (option), which gives a more regular infeeding of the baler. This in combination with an return system (option) which puts the possible losses back back into the bunker, makes the machine highly professional for baling above mentioned materials.

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