Agros Clamp


Agros Clamp delivers one million lactic acid-producing bacteria per gram of grass, resulting in a fast and controlled fermentation with little protein breakdown. This produces nutritionally better and more palatable silage, increased intakes and improved animal performance. Don't take chances with your silage - use Agros Clamp to ensure fast and stable fermentation.

Better quality silage every time

This table shows the results of trials carried out at the Welsh Plant Breeding Station, with forage at around 20% dry matter with 2% sugars. The analysis features samples taken 6 weeks after ensiling, showing the poor fermentation of the untreated silage and the difference Agros Clamp makes.

28% more protein retained

The efficient fermentation achieved with Agros Clamp protects protein from fermentation breakdown. In trials at IGER, livestock digested 28% more of the protein in Agros Clamp treated silage when compared with untreated silage.

Improves milk production efficiency

This chart illustrates the result of trials at Wye College, where cows fed silage treated with Agros Clamp gave an extra 19 litres of milk per tonne of silage, compared to those fed untreated silage.

32% increase in liveweight gain

In trials at Liscombe, Agros Clamp increased beef cattle liveweight gains by as much as 32% over animals fed untreated silage. Feed conversion was 26% better, and the extra liveweight gained over the 99 day trial period averaged 19kg.

Intake improved by 5%

All trials demonstrate the greater palatability of Agros Clamp treated silage which results in higher intakes and better performance. These results were from beef cattle trials at Liscombe comparing Agros Clamp with two other leading silage inoculants.

30% reduction in effluent

Compared with untreated silage, effluent was reduced by 30% when Agros Clamp was used in trials at Kingshay. When compared with silage treated with formic acid, Agros Clamp treated silage effluent was reduced by 55%.

Packaging and application rates - New Improved Packaging

Agros Clamp for liquid application is packed in boxes of two sachets, each sufficient to treat 50 tonnes of forage when mixed with water and applied at 2 litres per tonne.

Agros Clamp is also available in granular form in 20kg plastic buckets, sufficient to treat 50 tonnes of forage.

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