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The traditional drying method in continuous dryers was seldom the best solution. It functioned perfectly in large-scale production, but it could only handle sufficiently dry grain and with large amounts, it was not in the least bit economical. On the other hand, a batch dryer was very efficient when the grain was very humid or the amounts were small. To this date, one has had to choose between these two options. At Antti we decided to combine these two systems. With Antti duoflo you have the best of both methods at your disposal.

The heart of the Duoflo

Antti duoflo beats everything on the market available so far. Duoflo functions either as a traditional contineous flow dryer for large scale production including high quality grain or as a circulating batch dryer for humid, uneven quality or small amounts. With Antti duoflo you can produce better quality grain when you want to, because the harvest is done when it should be done.

Duoflo on the road to better profitability

All this makes possible for you to dry your grain, when you want, how you want and still achieve top results. With wheat you can dry up to 30 tonnes per hour. Furthermore it is possible with less energy consumption and more humid grain, so you are producing more profitably than with other drying methods. You will finish your work quicker which means higher profit – real money in your pocket.

Humid grain – no longer a problem

If your grain is very humid, almost all dryers clog up sooner or later. Humid grain also packs down into all storage spaces, including your transport equipment. Not so with Antti duoflo. When your grain is too humid for continuous drying the revolutionary circulatating system keeps the grain moving. Because the system dries and cools the grain in stages, the humidity can exit the drying elements and the surface of the grain constantly, and therefore make the drying easier.

You will achieve significantly better drying efficiency, avoid overheating, even if the grain is very humid. In reality the circulating batch flow works with so humid grain that all other systems would require pre drying.

Models of dryers

Right for technical alterations / improvements reserved. As effect depends on many local requirements and factors the tables should be regarded as indicative only.

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