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AGROTAIN nitrogen stabilizer is the original, most research-proven urease inhibitor technology on the market. With 20 years of trials and real-world results on millions of acres worldwide, it’s the one growers trust to protect their nitrogen investment and yield potential every time.

Just how much of a problem is ammonia volatilization? Results from a number of university research studies have shown that nitrogen loss through ammonia volatilization can be up to 40% of your applied nitrogen. However, when urea was treated with AGROTAIN nitrogen stabilizer, only about 10% of the applied nitrogen was lost.

Here's how it works: When granular urea and liquid UAN fertilizers are surface applied, the urease enzyme breaks apart the urea nitrogen. AGROTAIN nitrogen stabilizer reduces the activity of urease enzymes. This process consumes hydrogen ions (H+) in the soil, increasing pH values up to 9.0 or higher in the surrounding soil. As a result, there is a shift in the balance between ammonium (NH4+) and ammonia (NH3). [See Figure 2] By slowing this activity, the soil has the ability to resist changes in the pH in the immediate vicinity of the urea, resulting in a lower ammonia volatilization loss and an optimal crop yield potential.

Cumulative ammonia volatilization loss from untreated urea and AGROTAIN treated urea.



A recent study by Dr. Rick Engel proved that surface-applied urea still loses a significant amount of nitrogen due to ammonia volatilization in cold weather, even under freezing conditions. High ammonia volatilization loss under cold conditions was mainly related to high soil moisture and soil pH.

Fortunately, that same study also showed AGROTAIN nitrogen stabilizer protects against this cold weather loss. At one location, untreated urea lost about 44% of its nitrogen through ammonia volatilization after nine weeks (63 days) while urea treated with AGROTAIN stabilizer only lost about 12%.

The underlying data was provided by Montana State University under a Research Trial Financial Support Agreement with Koch Agronomic Services, LLC and neither Montana State University, nor the individual researchers referenced, endorse or recommend any product or service.

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