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- Model PLUS - Nitrogen Stabilizer



AGROTAIN PLUS nitrogen stabilizer contains the premier urease enzyme inhibitor technology and a proven nitrification inhibitor that protects nitrogen from ammonia volatilization, denitrification and nitrate leaching. Featuring two modes of action, it can be combined with UAN or liquid manure to protect against all three forms of nitrogen loss.

UAN 15 lbs. per ton
Manure 3-5 lbs. per acre

Rain or Shine
You Can't Predict The Weather. You Can Protect Your Nitrogen.

There are a number of weather conditions that can lead to you losing more than 50% of your nitrogen. When there’s no rain or too much rain your investment is disappearing. Protect your nitrogen investment with AGROTAIN® PLUS nitrogen stabilizer, no matter what Mother Nature brings.

Use on Manure
Put Nitrogen Loss Out to Pasture

Applying livestock manure to crops is a cost-efficient way to fertilize. Unfortunately, when manure remains untreated, it’s like leaving a gate open to nitrogen loss. And when nitrogen isn’t available for your crops, your yield could be impacted. AGROTAIN® PLUS nitrogen stabilizer is a convenient additive with dual inhibitors for increased protection against all three forms of nitrogen loss.

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