AGROTIS S.A. Agricultural Machinery

- Spool Sprinkler System



Coils - Automatic watering systems , in different sizes to meet all of the field irrigation requirements. The very meticulous construction, the many innovations and quality control make the irrigation systems  AGROTIS unique in functionality, performance and durability. Accept and polympek 50 & 60 meters.

The models start from F82 - F90 - F100 and F110 in various tire lengths. Reinforced chassis for greater resistance to tiredness

  • Galvanized piping water supplies
  • Italian turbine
  • Precision gearbox with easy launcher
  • Mechanical drum rotation for easy shooting in correct watering place
  • Mechanical lift with folding kotsadouras Italian injectors RANGER
  • Hydraulic lift back arms for quick installation polympek

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