Model AGS 400 - 1200 EN - Sprayer



Along with additional equipment, sprayers on one hand fully satisfy the strictest EU standards and on the other hand, facilitate the process of plant protection.An increasing awareness of people engaged in food production, harsh environmental protection requirements and the desire for better quality of products, require the development of more complete and modern machinery for plant protection. Agromehanika, in accordance with stricter legislation particularly in Western Europe, has developed a series of sprayers, which, together with additional equipment, fully satisfy the strictest standards of Western Europe as well as facilitate the process of plant protection.

In addition to the main tank, the following equipment for this series of sprayers is mandatory:

  • tank with clean water, needed to clean the machinery after spraying, has the following functions:
    • complete cleaning of all internal parts of the sprayer after spraying (tank, filter, pump, regulator, nozzles, etc.)
    • partial cleaning of the sprayer, which includes the cleaning of filters, pumps, regulator and nozzles without changing the concentration of the protection agent in the tank ( cleaning after a long period of non-use )
  • tank with clean water for washing the hands after dealing with protection agents

EN series of sprayers is based on modern concepts and is equipped with a narrow polyethylene tank, which has rounded edges, smooth interior walls and a leaned bottom. Its construction provides a short distance from the tractor to the sprayer, good mixing of the protection agent, easy cleaning of the sprayer and the complete emptying of the tank.

Users can choose between the following models: AGS 400 EN , AGS 600 EN , AGS 800 EN, AGS 1000 EN and AGS 1200 EN . Additional equipment is very abundant and can satisfy even the most demanding user

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