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Agromehanika AGT 830-835 Tractors AGT 830-835, front steering version or articulated version, are forever documented to be the first tractors entirely manufactured in Slovenia.AGT830 and AGT835 series of tractors are the result of 40 years of experience, development and research of the company Agromehanika in the production of agricultural machinery.The first tractors AGT830 and AGT835 were manufactured as early as in 1993, thus becoming the first tractors that were designed and manufactured entirely by the Slovenes. Ever since, we have cooperated with their users and strived after continuous development and improvement, which enabled us to offer the farmers in Slovenia and throughout Europe reliable machinery of great quality and wide applicability.

Thus it is not a surprise that it were the tractors AGT830 and AGT835 that achieved a great success also among demanding customers in Great Britain and Ireland.
Tractors AGT 830 and AGT 835, both i n articulated or front steering version, follow the principle: simple but effective

  • universal tractors for mowing and gathering grass, used also in fruit and wine growing as well as on slopes
  • low centre of gravity, but maximum stability on slopes
  • front axle installed behind the engine - allows an even distribution of weight between both axles when using attachments, and a better grip with the ground
  • 15 ° oscillation of the front axle - 100 % contact of all 4 wheels with the ground even on undulating ground
  • permanent 4-wheel drive – for a perfect grip in all situations
  • Wide selection of tyres - incredible flexibility
  • great flexibility of the tractor for different operations – mowing, work in fruit and wine growing, parks, use in public sector, etc.
  • adjustable width: 98 to 175 cm


  • economical and environmentally friendly Lombardini four-stroke engines
  • 25.5 hp (air cooled) or 36 hp (water cooled)
  • easy access to engine, cooling system and tractor battery
  • articulated version: hydraulic cylinder installed on the articulation, with safety system to limit the range of turning the wheels
  • version with front steering: hydraulic cylinder on front wheels


  • disc brakes on rear axle, self adjusting
  • 9 gears ratios: 6 forward, 3 reverse
  • reverser enables a simple change of direction
  • with gear reduction: adequate choice of the gear ratio regardless of the situation


  • less likely skid on slippery ground
  • a complete differential lock on front and rear wheels
  • mechanical turn-on with a handle


  • Lift System
  • three-point lift system, at the back
  • lift power up to 890 kg at the end of lifting arms
  • provides sufficient power regardless of the attachment you want to use
  • desired number of hydraulic distributors with quick couplings
  • adjustable length of lifting arms
  • CBM rotating tow hitch
  • possibility to install front, three-point lift system with lift power up to 400 kg, desired number of hydraulic distributors with quick couplings and front power take-off
  • Power take-off
  • REAR: turn-on with a handle
  • 540 rpm or 1000 rpm
  • FRONT: on buyer’s demand
  • 1000 rpm


  • ensures additional safety and comfort, enables work regardless of weather conditions
  • excellent transparency
  • work lights
  • ventilation system with heating (AGT835)
  • front and rear windscreen wipers
  • protection against noise, dust, cold and weather influences
  • opening of front, rear and side glasses
  • special cabin available also with articulated version

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