Model AGT 850 T Series - Compact Tractor



Agromehanika AGT 850 - 860 T Tractors AGT 850 T, engines 50 in 60 HP, 24 speeds, differential lock. Also in widened 'mountain' version for use on steep slopes.Research and development division of tractor AGT is obliged to consider the needs of tractor users and to work closely with them. We are conscious of the fact that only you know what you really need and our mission is to offer this to you.

This is the reason why AGT 850 T series was successfully updated with the 'alpine' tractor, specifically adjusted for operating along steep slopes, where side slopes reach 40 ° or more, and a new four-cylinder turbocharged engine, that develops up to 60 hp.Enter the reliable world of AGT850 series. AGT850, where quality and flexibility join with usefulness.

Compact Tractors And Tractors With Front Steering

  • specialized universal tractors
  • low centre of gravity, but maximum stability on slopes
  • front axle installed behind the engine - allows an even distribution of weight between both axles when using attachments, and a better grip with the ground
  • 15 ° oscillation of the front axle - 100 % contact of all 4 wheels with the ground even on undulating ground
  • Wide selection of tyres - incredible flexibility
  • great flexibility of the tractor for different operations – mowing, work in fruit and wine growing, parks, use in public sector, etc.
  • four equal tyres assure a better grip and lesser wear

New Euro Iii Engines

  • economical and environmentally friendly engines with 50 or 60 hp
  • bonnet designed to easily access the engine

Permanent Four-Wheel Drive

  • good grip of the tractor with the ground in all situations
  • hydraulic power steering (HPS) on front wheels
  • 24 gear ratios: 12 forward, 12 reverse
  • reverser enables a simple change of direction
  • Gear reduction ensures an adequate choice of the gear ratio regardless of the situation

Oil Bath Disk Brakes

  • ensure the brake force you require, since the tractor was designed to work on slopes
  • increased reliability of disk brakes
  • reduced maintenance

Electrohydraulic Lock Of Differential In The Front/Back

  • Quick and comfortable response to changing working conditions
  • Makes it easier, safer and more comfortable to use a wide selection of attachments while maintaining the stability of the tractor
  • Better transparency and control

Work Equipment

  • Lift System - 1080 kg
  • provides sufficient power regardless of the attachment you want to use
  • sufficient number of hydraulic distributors with quick couplings
  • adjustable length of lifting arms
  • CBM rotating tow hitch
  • possibility to install the front lifting system and the desired number of hydraulic coupling devices
  • Power take-off (PTO)
  • 540 rpm or synchronized with the speed and direction of driving (driving trailer)
  • Possible to install a power take-off with 750 rpm
  • Floating hydraulics
  • Takes over a part of attachment’s weight and relieves the tractor - ideal for mountain areas

Clanfix System

  • automated cleaning of cooling slots
  • prevents overheating in dusty working conditions.
  • CAB
  • safety and comfort regardless of weather conditions
  • work lights
  • ventilation system with heating
  • front and rear windscreen wipers
  • opening of front, rear and side glasses
  • protection against noise, dust, cold and weather influences
  • excellent transparency
  • Alpine, expanded model – up to 195 cm
  • It was designed for work on steep slopes and for safety on 40 ° side slopes and more.
  • adjusted and extended structure with longer drive shafts
  • open or closed cabin for even more comfortable and safe work
  • even lower centre of gravity
  • wider rims - increased stability
  • floating hydraulics – less pressure on tractor
  • tractor rollover at 60 ° / 51 ° (safety arch / cab)

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