- Low Flow Emitter


Agtera is a low flow emitter specially developed for well water agriculture applications where there is a high degree of suspended solids. It employs an extra-large flowpath cross-section, a very long Omniflow labyrinth, and an elevated filter, which combine to create an agricultural dripper with unparalleled clogging resistance.

The Omniflow Advantage
The Agtera emitter employs the patented Omniflow labyrinth which ensures consistent turbulence throughout the entire flowpath, reducing settling of suspended solids in the water.

Long Labyrinth
Agtera has a very long labyrinth with a large cross-sectional area. The long flowpath ensures a gradual drop in pressure over the entire emitter. It also ensures that gradual and unavoidable sedimentation on the labyrinth surface will not clog the emitter.

Elevated Filter
Agtera has an elevated filter which has several benefits. The elevated filter draws from water that is closer to the center of the pipe where water is traveling at high velocity. The higher velocity helps keep the filter surface clean. Also the elevation of the filter entrance inhibits solids from settling on it between flow cycles, regardless of dripper orientation in the pipe.

The Agtera dripper is injection molded with 100% premium virgin polyethylene and additives for resistance to UV degradation and damage caused from commonly used chemicals and fertilizers.

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