- Model ART - Seed Sensor


ART Seed Sensors (used with our ART Rate and Blockage Monitors) continue to be used worldwide and for many years set the standard for air drill rate and blockage monitoring.

The ART Seed Sensors are connected in a loop around the seeder manifolds with waterproof and foolproof connections.  Each Seed Sensor has its own intelligent electronics to determine its order in the system.

This means simple hookup compared to systems which make you plug in sensors one at a time, or systems where you have to install several junction boxes which clutter the air drill.  An accurate optical system detects the seed rate and each Seed Sensor in turn sends its information to the ART monitor.

  • AGSS22B: 22mm 7/8'
  • AGSS24B: 24mm 15/16'
  • AGSS25B: 25mm 1'
  • AGSS30B: 30mm
  • AGSS32B: 32mm 1-1/4'

Performance Characteristics

  • Optical Detection Elements: 4
  • Optical Sampling Frequency (1): 1.2 kHz
  • Optical Detection Zone: 5mm
  • Minimum Particle Detection Size: 1.5mm
  • Minimum Optical Cross Section Coverage: 40 %
  • Optical calibration steps (2): 6 steps

Note 1: 1.2kHz sampling allows to detection of a 5mm seed at a velocity of 10m/sec

Note 2: Calibration steps and range allow the sensor to adjust required optical power depending on foreign build ups on the optical elements.

Absolute Maximum Ratings (1)

  • Ambient Temperature: .-30°C to +85°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to +105°C
  • Supply Voltage: 7.0V to 18.0V
  • Maximum Current Consumption: 125mA

Note 1: Stresses above those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” can cause permanent damage to the sensor. Exposure to maximum rating conditions for extended periods can affect device reliability.

Operational Ratings

  • Ambient Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Supply Voltage: 8.0V to 16.0V
  • Maximum Current Consumption: 85 mA

Compliance Standards ISO 15003

  • Cold and dry heat: Level 3
  • Damp heat steady state: Level 2
  • Damp heat cyclic: Level 2
  • Particle impact:
  • 500kPa (11-14mm)
  • Mechanical shock: Level 2
  • Random Vibration: Level 2
  • Sinusoidal Vibration: Level 2
  • Corrosive atmosphere: Level 2
  • IP code: IP67
  • Air pressure: 80-100 kPa
  • Corrosive atmosphere: Level 2
  • Conducted transient ISO 7637-1: Level 2
  • ESD ISO 10605: Level 2

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