- Model CAN-ART - Seed Flow ECU (ISOBUS Compatible)


Our New CAN-ART module allows you to have critical rate and blockage information displayed on your Case, Deere, or Cat ISOBUS Virtual Terminal, no need for another monitor in the cab. The Agtron ISO ART System unlocks the power of ISOBUS - the international electronic standard for agriculture. Use the Virtual terminal in your tractor (Case Pro600, John Deere Greenstar 2 or Cat GTA) to monitor vital seeding information. Confirm your calibration for seed and fertilizer rates - rate displays are in in seeds per acre or pounds per acre. On the blockage side there are two sensor loops (optional); one for seed and one for fertilizer with 120 sensors per loop - more than enough to cope with today’s larger seeding units. The ISOART 160 takes the uncertainty out of air cart operation. You will know for sure the seed tank is pressurized and there is no product bridging!.

The sensors are connected in a loop around the machine with waterproof and foolproof connections. Each sensor has its own intelligent electronics to determine its order in the system. This means simple hookup compared to systems where you have to connect several boxes which clutter the machine. An accurate optical system detects the seed rate, each sensor in turn sends its information to the Virtual Terminal. To correct for any seeds not detected by the sensor, a seed calibration factor is provided. Ground speed from the tractor’s Electronic Control Unit provides information for calculating seeds per acre or pounds per acre. Metric system units are available in the setup menu.

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