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- Model GX3 - Fertilizer System


AgXcel’s GX3 dual pump fertilizer application solution was designed for low volume applications. This is a perfect solution for low volume starter, insecticide, black label or other low application products. The GX3 was designed to be a completely self-contained solution incorporating a solution tank and complete pump application solution. A few of the features of the GX3 solution includes the ability to agitate before application and during application. With its dual valve directional flow configuration, the GX3 allows for the fertilizer product that is being applied to be agitated while planting and with the ability to monitor the pressure of the agitated solution as well. There is a 45 gallon clean water base tank that is used to clean out the system when application is complete or with an optional valve for fresh water washout.

There are 3 optional mounting brackets that enable in the versatility of mounting the GX3 on various applications from tool bars, implement tongues, 3-point hitch and with the GX3’s solid base platform many producers have even fabricated their own mounting creation. For more details on the optional mounting brackets and measurements see our GX3 product brochure.

The GX3 dual pump system can achieve about 6.1 GPM by utilizing a tandem plumbing design that allows for the equalization of product draw and pressurization. The system was designed to allow for the AgXcel electric pumps to utilize proper system voltage so that amps may be distributed evenly and managed evenly to both pumps. This equalization allows for the pumps to be driven evenly which allows for proper and even product draw which is critical to any precision application solution. When setting up any electric pump system all connections from electrical to liquid play an important role in achieving maximum pump performance and durability. AgXcel averages approximately 4 years of life from our custom built electric pumps due to the system design and overall specification. AgXcel electric pumps are industry tested and sealed to keep out the harsh Ag elements like dust and moisture. Many times end users state that they are always replacing their electric pumps during the season due to failure of the pump. Much of this failure is due to improper setup and improper management of system pressure of the system. The AgXcel GX3 solution has overcome this issue over the past 12 years due to the design of the GX series of systems and has enjoyed great success with the AgXcel electric pumps.

The AgXcel GX3 dual pump solution has an array of system features including the seamless integration into all the major OEM controllers like the Case IH Pro 600/700, Trimble, Green Star, Agleader and MicroTrak. With our system design the end user may experience features like:

  •  Auto Rate Control
  •  Variable Rate Control
  •  Swath Control

The GX3 can also be utilized with our popular GX6 Dual Metering Tube precision liquid placement solution. – Read more about the GX6 product here GX6 Fertilizer System

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