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- Activates the Microbial Potential


Think about your soil for a minute—just one gram of soil (about the contents of a sugar packet), contains up to four billion bacteria, one million fungi, and 300,000 algae.  In other words, the soil is literally alive, but most often neglected or ignored.  And think about this—if you multiply these figures by the 2.2 million pounds of soil per acre in the root zone, you’ll see that you have an unbelievable amount of potential just waiting to be harnessed to help maximize your crop investment. Adding AgZyme activates the microbial potential to help get nutrients into the plant (the same thing a grower is accomplishing when adding fertilizer).


The process of getting the fertilizer you apply to your field into your crop includes three pathways: root interception, mass flow and diffusion. AgZyme has been tested to show positive effects on all three. Crops in soils treated with AgZyme have consistently larger roots for greater fertilizer use through root interception.  Additionally, the microbiology in soils treated with AgZyme are more active and produce more organic acids to unlock the fertilizer that is tied-up in the soil. This allows better movement of nutrients to the plant through diffusion and mass flow. Think about it this way—nutrients are taken into the plant through a natural process that involves soil microbiology and AgZyme helps speed up and expand that process.

You see, the soil is an environment that can be managed. If you don’t properly manage your soil, then the crop cannot efficiently receive the fertilizer that you are applying.  AgZyme feeds the soil and thereby enhances the soil’s ability to deliver nutrients from the fertilizer into the crop. The final result is that more of the fertilizer you invested in actually goes into your crop. AgZyme users enjoy higher yields while simultaneously increasing fertilizer efficiency!

  • Better plant resistance
  • Increased water retention
  • Activates native soil organisms
  • Increases root activity for larger, stronger root systems
  • Greater fertilizer efficiency
  • Enhanced nutrient availability
  • Increases metabolic activity of soil microorganisms

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