AHS Anadolu San. ve Tic. (AHS)

- Model Ants 30 - Bond & Garden Tractor



AHS, which is a first in Turkey Turkish design fully articulated vineyards, orchards began to produce tractors. The road leading up this project with local industrialists, seeing the support from the Ministry of Industry R & D has been rewarded with incentives under. Our model is comfortable to use Ant, 4x4 traction, especially by acting on the same wheel projection aims to become one of the indispensable garden.

Good until we have received positive feedback as soon as possible on our tractor with higher horsepower will be added to our tractors. We started to export our tractors are seen the mutululuk hear from interested and are working harder to produce better ones.


  • Comfort in a tight turn,
  • Rear and front wheels from the same line of the possibility to go

Continuous Four-wheel Drive:

  • All-weather and ground conditions, without patenaj, 100% power transfer

Tires of Equal Size:

  • Front and rear wheels have the same track width,
  • Not impede the driver's view.

Wheel Balancer:

  • 4 wheels touching the ground sloping land full of


  • 30 HP Kubota • Of 1105
  • The ability to work with water cooling


  • Ease of use thanks to a 6-speed 3 reverse gears


  • Hydrostatic steering system with more flexibility

Double PTO:

  • 577 and 879 r / min rotational speed
  • Depending on wheel rotation speed PTO

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